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Parachutes release day show

Watch footage from the band's 100th gig, at London's HMV record shop

10 Jul 2000

Jonny Buckland
Jonny Buckland

To celebrate the release of Parachutes, the band played what was actually their 100th gig inside the HMV record shop on Oxford Street.

To share the event across the country (and indeed the world), HMV filmed the show and broadcast it live on their website. This was of course, the days of dialup internet – so whilst live streaming was super-exciting bleeding edge technology at the time, the video quality looking back, is somewhat primitive! As a record of a huge milestone moment, though, the vibe is strong.

The setlist on the day consisted of:

Don’t Panic
Bigger Stronger (off setlist to appease old fans)
High Speed
Everything’s Not Lost


The band’s list of their first 80 shows

Notable moments include an impassioned plea for Brothers and Sisters from the crowd, which wasn’t on the setlist because (understandably) it was supposed to be all songs from Parachutes. Chris, in fairly typical style apologised profusely, before finally compromising with an impromptu Bigger Stronger.

Phil Harvey was also brought (with great reluctance!) onstage to much applause. Ever in touch with the faithful, he proceeded to make a very bashful announcement about a fan-club meeting.

Spirits are clearly high – and why not? After all, you never get a second chance to launch a first record…


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