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Stadio San Siro

Milan, Italy

04 Jul 2017

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Stadio San Siro

Another gorgeous day in Milano gets underway and the crowd are Viva-chanting long before the band even take the stage – in fact, well before even the opening acts!

Chris remarks on the awesome atmosphere partway through the show. He remarks that if the band’s early shows in clubs were like ‘being on level one of the video game” then nights like these are “like we’ve won the game and this is our prize”.
It’s a very fair observation. It’s difficult to imagine that there’s anything beyond this. It does indeed feel as though they’ve found all the gold, collected all the power-ups and made it to the palace.

Most great video games, though, have a sequel. If we truly have reached the celebration at the end of this one, I can only imagine that somewhere in the collective Coldplay-mind, there are plans afoot for fresh tales to tell from a brand new land.

Meanwhile, in the here and now, we have a live debut on the B-Stage of Kaleidoscope EP track Miracles (Someone Special). We also have Davide Rossi bringing the love on Viva once again

The bonuses keep on coming, when at the C-stage there’s a completely unexpected guest. There is a young man with a sign stating that his name is Giacomo and that he is nine years old. (I’m almost certain that’s the spelling – if I’ve got it wrong, forgive me!).

Giacomo is brought onto the C-stage and given a rocket fast lesson in harmonica. He gets to solo on Don’t Panic much to the delight of the Milan crowd, who almost overpower the sound-system chanting his name in support.

And with the fireworks in Up & Up, it’s finally Game Over – but luckily, we get to hit the start button again in a couple of days in Dublin….


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