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X&Y Launch Show

The band celebrate their third album's release with a special show for MTV

19 Apr 2005

X&Y Launch Show

An interesting thing to note here is a rather nice escalation of the album launch transmissions. The Parachutes launch had been streamed at postage-stamp size to the internet. Rush of Blood in glorious FM stereo on BBC Radio 1. Now, all grown up, the third album saw a very cool looking multi-camera shoot on MTV to be shown globally.

This show was visually sumptuous, but memorable primarily for one moment. During Fix You, Chris spotted Noel Gallagher up in the balcony and proceeded to climb the PA to pop up there and say hello.
Roadie #42

(He may have even given him a kiss, if memory serves…)

After greeting Mr G, Chris was then faced with a very fundamental scientific principle he probably hadn’t considered before setting off. What goes up, must indeed come down. So he found himself in the balcony, quite some height above the stage with no simple route back to the microphone to finish the song.

Whilst only seconds, he stood on the shiny wooden balcony railing long enough for the tour manager to contemplate lost shows, roadies to contemplate lost wages and the audience to contemplate lost limbs. Somewhat dramatically, he launched himself at the start of a drum fill, landing perfectly in time with the music.

Adrenaline has a lot to answer for…


By Guy Berryman
By Guy Berryman
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