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Trouble demo

Check out a very early version of Trouble

17 Nov 1999

Trouble demo
Chris Martin
Chris Martin

Fair play to Chris for being game to share this. This was clearly never intended to be heard by anyone – it’s not even really a demo. It’s the barest sketch of an idea, quickly pinned down on a tape machine so it doesn’t get forgotten on the trip to the supermarket.

There are piles and piles of tapes, boxes of paper and notebooks for every album. Countless discarded ideas and temporary lyrics. The creative process leaves a lot of shavings on the floor before the fully formed sculpture is presented to the world.

Not just every Coldplay song – but every song that’s ever become a part of popular culture, once sounded like this. Six months of rehearsals, shows, band input and head-scratching and it became something quite quite different.


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