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The In My Place run

Watch old fans' footage of Chris's nightly jaunt into the crowd

10 Jan 2006

The In My Place run

The band started doing the “C-Stage” thing on the Viva tour, where they would all pop up and do a few songs from a tiny platform in amongst the furthest seats from the main stage. The seed of that idea, though, was this regular feature of In My Place from the X&Y tour. Chris would leave the stage each night, run through the crowd and sing the last chorus from wherever he ended up out in amongst the crowd.

I made this video back in 2006 by hunting around on YouTube for clips of In My Place from the tour. (Or rather, I wrote some code that made my computer do it for me.) Back then, shooting video on your phone was a novelty (and pretty low quality!). Now it seems almost like a required part of the concert-going experience.

There’s an argument, of course, about “being in the moment”, but I fear I’m probably not the best person to be lecturing folks on not looking at screens all the time…


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