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Chris’s first Coldplay list

The band's future is plotted out…

06 Jan 1998

Chris’s first Coldplay list

Coldplay are very big list writers. This may well be the first ever Coldplay list, and it was definitely followed by many more. There have probably been as many lists as songs written, shows performed, or plectrums discarded. As well as notebooks full of the things, nowadays there are whiteboards in the studio to keep focussed plans and lists.

These often spill even beyond the boards and the notebooks, as Chris has a habit of writing in sharpie on any surface in front of him – keyboards, tabletops and even the walls are all fair game. As recording projects take shape, reminders, song titles and ideas are all around as fragments of the record literally become part of the furniture.
This list lived on the wall in Chris’s room in the flat he and Jonny shared on Camden Road in London. The wall is said to have been covered in band-related items, along with doodles of everyone who visited the flat. These doodles too, continue to this day – although it’s hoped he’s stopped doing them on his bedroom wall.



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