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Sirius XM session

15 Jan 2020

Sirius XM session
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For a while, there’s a concern that the trucks might not even be able to get close enough to the venue to get the gear in at Sirius XM. It’s a classic gallon-into-a-half pint pot scenario.

The whole venue is smaller than some of the dressing rooms on the stadium run. Hoppy is tuning guitars in the back corner of the room behind the crowd, The mountain of mixing desks and audio gear is out the back in a tent.

On stage, the band are stripped of a lot of the toys that normally make up a Coldplay show.

Lucky then, that so many of the songs lend themselves to a ‘smaller’ approach. I think there’s also something about the stripped down approach with the crowd right in the band’s face that makes the whole thing that much more playful.

There’s plenty of laughs, and some lovely moments hearing the songs breathe in the absence of the ‘bigger’ layers.

Good to be back!


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