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Shaun Of The Dead

Chris and Jonny make an appearance in Simon Pegg's zombie movie

04 Apr 2004

Jonny Buckland
Jonny Buckland

It was somewhat inevitable, really, that after guesting at Coldplay’s V2000 and Make Trade Fair shows, Simon Pegg would eventually ask for a return appearance from the fellas on one of his creations.

Simon had first found success with Spaced. A superb British comedy show that you either love or you just haven’t seen. (If it’s the latter, rectifying the situation post-haste is vital.) Shaun Of The Dead was one of Pegg’s early forays into film (along with his friends Nick Frost, pictured, and Edgar Wright).

He and the band remain very good friends and he was indeed to be seen sliding gracefully across the background of the Christmas Lights video some years later, as well as making regular harmonica-toting guest appearances on live their live shows.

Doubtless, we’ll be seeing more of him in the Coldplay world. That Elvis costume is gonna be hard to top, though…


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