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The revival of Amsterdam

Roadie #42 - Blog #181

12 Aug 2012

The revival of Amsterdam

YouTube comments threads are pretty well known for the massive amount of snarky negativity they can contain. In this globally super-connected age, anything you can imagine can be filmed, uploaded and then called “Ghey” by a 12 year-old in the midwest all in a matter of minutes.

I had the utter delight the other morning though, of YouTube itself passing judgement on a clip. Phil Harvey had asked me to upload a clip filmed by the reference camera at the mixing desk, as a Private video to my account. It was just one song, to show a TV show how the band perform a particular song live.

Imagine my delight then, when the upload was complete and I got this message.

I immediately did the only thing I *could* do under the circumstances. I took a screenshot and emailed it to Lighting Designer Paul Normandale and Lighting Director Graham Feast.

“Everyone’s a critic” comes Paul’s reliably dry-witted response. He’s not wrong…

Slightly more positive audience contribution comes in the first of the Chicago shows. Right in front of the B-Stage are three folks holding signs that spell out a request for the band to play Amsterdam. Now it’s been a long, long time since this last had an airing. Chris apologises and claims that they just can’t remember how to play it. Then the guilt sets in and he gives it a go anyway.

Turns out he was right – they make it only bars into the tune before it collapses in a heap.

Never ones for admitting defeat though, the warm-up room piano gets a work-out the following day and the second Chicago show sees them make it all the way through a small B-stage version.

I always forget what an absolutely belting tune Amsterdam is. I really hope it’s not another seven years before it makes it out again. In the meantime, Chicago got a rare treat…


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