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A rare Coldplay soundcheck

Roadie #42 - Blog #177

26 Jul 2012

A rare Coldplay soundcheck

Soundchecks are something of an oddity by this point in the tour.

First day back in Toronto, though, that’s exactly what we’re up to. There are plans afoot for much further down the line which require a bit of work now to start getting right. As is often the case with future plans, there’s as much talking as there is playing. The five man Coldplay brain-trust has some decisions to make. A few things are tried. Some work better than expected, some suddenly seem like less of a good idea than they did on paper. That’s kinda the point of the operation…

There are a few tunes that have been on a break since Viva that get another run through. I’m pretty sure they gave 42 a go, but I could swear we sold that guitar in the eBay auction…

You sort of know by the time the Bob Dylan covers come out that soundcheck is pretty much over…

The Toronto shows themselves are a good pair to come back to. Canadian Coldplay crowds are reliably spectacular and so it goes on both of these nights. For myself, I’m battling the jetlag somewhat, which gives everything that slomo underwater feel. No matter, though – Toronto has matters well in hand…


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