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Working on a new song in Berlin

Roadie #42 - Blog #162

22 Dec 2011

Working on a new song in Berlin

I hadn’t thought about it until Chris mentioned it on the B-stage. He thanks the Frankfurt crowd and mentions that Germany is where this tour really started, back on Rock im Park all those months ago. Fitting then, that we bring the show back here just before we break for Christmas.

I don’t think there can be anyone not going home from this tour not feeling as though they’ve been hit by a truck (or indeed, by a dozen of them, or however many it is we’re up to now). It’s been an utterly bonkers six or seven months, but looking at the way the record has been taken to people’s hearts and how joyous the shows are, you can’t help but conclude it’s been worthwhile.

I’m going to keep this one brief. Primarily because in the rush to get out of the back door in the runner to the airport, I left my memory card in my camera, which means all my photographic evidence from the past few days is on a truck to Abu Dhabi. (I promise I’ll dig a few things out for you once we hit new year.)

I should probably tell you that we had a rather interesting soundcheck in Berlin today, with a bunch of files finding their way over the internet to me from the studio for the fellas to work on before doors. It’s not a song that’s likely to be in the set for a good while. I’d say that once they’ve finished writing and recording it though, it’s got a good chance…

Order of business today was mainly Will’s drums. There’s something about the sound of a drumkit exploding through an enormous PA in an empty arena that no amount of studio gimmickry is going to be able to beat. So the work in progress track is fed to Will’s ears and he slams into it, shaking the dust from the highest rafters.

I believe that some of the drum sound on Up In Flames came from the soundcheck in The Roundhouse when Chris first played the song to the rest of the band – so this afternoon may well end up – well, wherever this song finds itself…

I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the audience from the Frankfurt show. Looks kinda familiar, can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m sure I’ve seen this fella before…

Merry Christmas folks,


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