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Live 2003 DVD released

The film which documents the Rush Of Blood era

04 Nov 2003

As is traditional, the Live DVD was shot as the tour was reaching its close. The show is a well-oiled machine by this point and the band can relax into giving their best performances – or at least, that’s the theory!

I remember there being a feeling of confusion in some quarters that such a (relatively) small venue had been chosen when there had been so many arenas and huge outdoor shows that might have looked more impressive on film. The band were adamant, though, that this should be a document of them while they were still at this level. There would be plenty of time later for tour films in huge places – but their first live film should show where they came from.

At the time it was a head-scratcher, but when you put this up against the stadium extravaganza of Live 2013, there were clearly very wise heads at work.

This show was shot entirely on 35mm film giving it its gorgeous look and feel. The performances are also quite wonderful. They were becoming assured – moving away from the apologetics of the Parachutes era, but still maintaining a vulnerability.

Together with the documentary it provides a superb snapshot of where the band were and what a ride the Rush Of Blood tour had been.


By Will Champion
By Will Champion

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