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The day before the Warsaw show, the crew buses arrive after a pretty heavy 12 hour plus drive from Hannover. Upon parking up at the venue, many roadies are delighted to discover a go-kart track literally behind the buses.

Sadly, there’s work to do getting the show in, but plans are made for racing on show day. Word comes through that the band have decided not to Soundcheck – which means an extra few hours free in the afternoon. There’s giddy plans for a league table and a winner’s platform and God knows what else. Things stop short of sponsorship, but only due to time constraints.

Show day rolls round and there are shock and disappointment all round. It would appear Sundays in Poland mean everything’s closed, including the go-kart track. Looking at faces this morning, you’d think it was Christmas morning and Santa never came….

The stadium we’re in is a truly gorgeous piece of architecture. So much so that I finally get a chance to use the weird Russian 180 degree lens I bought off eBay. Here’s the view from the B-Stage staring at the sky…

The lack of a soundcheck brings mild concern before the show, as the venue is *very* echoey. Without a chance to acclimatise in the afternoon, it could throw the band going in “cold”. The man in charge of dealing with this is Chris Wood, who mixes the sound the band hear in their in-ear monitors.

He’s been around the block enough times not to be worried. The band pass his mixing desk just before they go on stage each night and Woodsy gives them a smile.

The entire crew have been given T-shirts and baseball caps with the circle of life on. In schoolboy rebellion, Woodsy has been wearing his cap sideways, ACDC style.

Chris notices Woodsy’s hat is on straight and immediately corrects it to the rightful daftness and pulls him in for a band-shot. I think they look pretty good as a five piece…

If the band are in good spirits, then the audience are positively explosive. The thing everyone always forgets about echoey stadiums is that they make a good crowd sound superb – and they make a superb crowd… well, thy make a superb crowd sound like a jet engine taking off. And that’s what we have tonight.

They’re not just noisy, they’re organised, too. Come Adventure Of A Lifetime, they all don their very own paper monkey-masks. The internet is truly a wonderful thing…

So there we are. A blinding time in Warsaw.

Great night folks!


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