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For us English folks more used to chilly grey drizzle, visiting Singapore can be like walking into an oven. The humidity wraps around you like hot cotton wool and your body seems intent on sweating out liquid faster than you can replace it from a water bottle. And the clouds seem to be of the same mind. When rain hits, they want to chuck as much water out in as short a space of time as possible.

There are some impressive storms in the afternoon and the folks queuing up outside brave the elements in a fine display of determination and loyalty. Inside, we’re all thrilled that this stadium has a roof. A Chicago-style downpour would be a rubbish way to kick things back off! Instead, tonight is a great way to resume the tour.

Coldplay haven’t visited Singapore since Viva, so the crowd are *well* up for it. They don’t seem to mind the heat. It also becomes clear that being a pasty roadie complaining about being a bit hot is pretty weak when Chris throws himself into the show with his customary athleticism from the off. Not one of the guys is holding back – and by the third song, it’s clear that the stage clothes will need a good wringing out soon. But the energy doesn’t drop until the final bow.

Also notable in this show is the first-time inclusion of Something Just Like This on the setlist. It makes a potent one-two punch with A Sky Full Of Stars in the final dash to Up&Up at the end of the show. As ever, it’s great to be back and experiencing it all after a break gives you a reminder that actually, what goes on each night is pretty special.



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