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Working with Mags from A-ha

Will and Guy help the A-ha man on his solo album

20 Sep 2004

Working with Mags from A-ha
Will Champion
Will Champion

2004_09_20_art500squareFor those of you who don’t know, A-ha are a hugely successful pop band that first came to prominence in the 80s. Hailing from Norway, the trio created some defining songs of that time (and have continued to enjoy success right up until the present day).

The festival where Will and Guy met Mags from A-ha would be the wonderful Quart Festival in Kristiansand on July 3rd 2003. Mags’ solo works continued in the vein of classic songwriting and this certainly wouldn’t be the last time Guy and Mags would work together, as they formed the supergroup Apparatjik in 2008, together with Jonas Bjerre and Martin Terefe.

Mags also joined the fellas onstage in Oslo on 19th September 2008 for a duet with with Chris on the A-ha tune Hunting High and Low.

He does indeed, appear to have completely forgotten to age.


Mags and Guy at Roskilde 2009
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