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Interview: Jonny and Chris’s Twitter Q&As

Second part of the band's live Twitter Q&As from Turin in May 2012

25 May 2012

Interview: Jonny and Chris’s Twitter Q&As

The second half of our #coldplaylive Twitter Q&A, saw Jonny and Chris answering fans’ questions from the dressing room in Turin (and”Hi Jonny”, “Hi Chris” and #coldplaylive trended worldwide). All of the questions and answers are below. 


@mmredfield – @coldplay jonnyboy! What’s the best place in England to visit? #neverbeen #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “I’d say visit Chatsworth House. I have some happy childhood memories of playing in the gardens there.” #coldplaylive

@iironimoka – Jonny, what’s your favorite type of guitar? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “My favourite is the Fender Telecaster Thinline.” #coldplaylive

@iamTheEscapist – @coldplay #coldplaylive Jonny! 😀 So tell me, do you play any instrument besides the guitar and piano?

Jonny says: “I play the drums, very badly. And the bass even worse.” #coldplaylive

@luuciiiiiie – @coldplay #coldplaylive Hi Jonny 🙂 how are you?

Jonny says: “I feel happy to be in Italy” #coldplaylive

@joehillier – @coldplay Jonny – What’s your favorite guitar pedal ever? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “My favourite pedal is The Rat, because it’s the loudest pedal around” #coldplaylive

@NazushC – @coldplay what’s the best way to calm your nerves before a show? #ColdplayLive

Jonny says: “If I’m nervous, I find playing the guitar a lot helps.” #coldplaylive

@_xxellie – @coldplay hi jonny, how long had you been playing guitar before you joined the band? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “I’d been playing for eight or nine years before the band. Since I was 11” #coldplaylive

@saboia – @coldplay #coldplaylive Hey Jonny! Do you feel certain countries like certain songs better? What do you make of it?

Jonny says: “I think it tends to vary by continent, more than country. I feel like Lost goes down best in N. America.” #coldplaylive

@LibeArenovitz – #coldplaylive can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Jonny says: “No” #coldplaylive

@Sweet_xxo – @coldplay #coldplaylive Do you have plans the next album?

Jonny says: “Yes, we know roughly when we want to start making the next record” #coldplaylive

@Mollyollyolly – #coldplaylive When did you decide that you prefer ‘Jonny’ over ‘Jonathan’?

Jonny says: “I don’t think I decided, other people seemed to decide for me! Only my mother calls me Jonathan.” #coldplaylive

@aiden_dale – @coldplay #coldplaylive hi jonny do you have any phobias?

Jonny says: “I used to be afraid of heights, but I don’t seem to be any more. I was on a rollercoaster when I realised this!” #coldplaylive

@emiliaabad29 – Jonny: do you think you have accomplished all your goals as an artist? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “No. Because the goals you set yourself keep changing.” #coldplaylive

@frlynda – @coldplay Jonny, the last movie you saw? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “It was Mission Impossible IV on a plane. Simon Pegg was ace.” #coldplaylive

@crisviscasillas – Are you good at cooking? What’s you speciality? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “No, I’m not a great cook. I can do a half decent chicken one pot thing, though.” #coldplaylive

@MozaAffendi – @coldplay hi Jonny, any advice to people who start to learn playing a guitar? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “Don’t stop when you get blisters” #coldplaylive

@jorgescumming – @coldplay Hi Jonny. How have mathematics and astronomy helped you in your musical career? #coldplaylive

Jonny says: “Good question! Not at all, to be honest. Haha!” #coldplaylive

@LP_Vic – #coldplaylive What is the most beautiful city you know?

Jonny says: “Ooh, beautiful isn’t a word often used to describe cities. I would say maybe Buenos Aires” #coldplaylive


@Brandsteene_ – @coldplay Mr. Martin, what’s your absolute favorite song to play live? #coldplaylive #mxtour

Chris says: “At the moment, it’s a tie between Paradise and Every Teardrop.” #coldplaylive

@llouisia – @coldplay do you find it awkward to make eye contact with fans whilst on stage? I know I would #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I used to, but now I don’t. I love it” #coldplaylive

@AnishMorjaria –  What keeps you motivated for every show you do? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “Gratitude. And as Bruce Springsteen said it could be someone’s 1st concert or it could be someone’s last concert” #coldplaylive

@GaryBarlowworld -Do you still get nervous before you perform? #Coldplaylive @coldplay

Chris says: “I get nervous before breakfast. I’m English!” #coldplaylive

@its_Leon – Chris, who chooses the for the setlist before a gig #coldplaylive

Chris says: “Really the audience decides what to cut, because we respond to what the fans like best. But Phil is in charge of setlists”

@Ingridsonge – Hi Chris! What is your favourite movie? 🙂 #coldplaylive

Chris says: “My favourite movies are Back To The Future, Annie Hall and Life Is Beautiful” #coldplaylive

@MXPiano – @coldplay What song did you most enjoy doing a video for? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I enjoyed the Paradise video shoot. And the Yellow one.” #coldplaylive

@jcwg – @coldplay when did first learn how to play piano ? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I’m not quite sure I have! But I can use all ten fingers now.” #coldplaylive

@xEmilyHopkinsx – @coldplay what’s your favourite classic board game? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I love Scrabble. And backgammon.” #coldplaylive

@Sean_Grennan @coldplay What’s your favourite venue to play a gig? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “Any venue with fans in it. I don’t mind. That might sound cheesy, but it’s true.” #coldplaylive

@AnnaFlaviia – @coldplay Hey Chris!! What’s your favorite place in the world? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “The answer is too rude. Next question…” #coldplaylive

@nathybomfim – @coldplay What Coldplay’s song you consider the best ? #coldplaylive #mxtour

Chris says: “I’m not sure, but I think the song Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora is really great. She’s playing it right now, here in Turin”

@joana_abreu – @coldplay #coldplaylive Chris, what do you feel when the wristbands start glowing in the dark?

Chris says: “When the wristbands light up, I feel this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, and I feel extremely grateful”

@StephProspekt – @coldplay #coldplaylive What are your favorite comic?
Chris says: “My favourite comic is Woody Allen. And Simon Pegg.” #coldplaylive

@magyscorner – @coldplay If you could have diner with a dead celebrity, who would that be?

Chris says: “Sherlock Holmes. Some people say he wasn’t real, but I know that’s not true. Him or Dumbledore.” #coldplaylive

@Karlabryson – Hi chris, What is the most difficult song to play? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “Paranoid Android by Radiohead. That’s why we never do it.” #coldplaylive

@NitsanFlint – @coldplay #coldplaylive HI Chris ! 😉 what is your favorite colour ? 😀

Chris says: “Turquoise” #coldplaylive

@SaffaJaffa – @coldplay #coldplaylive Chris what was your first car?

Chris says: “I’ve never actually owned a car.” #coldplaylive

@ECandB – @coldplay If you could have one superpower, what would it be? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I’d like to be able to fly.” #coldplaylive

@AleynaAAkin – @coldplay Hey Chris, what is your favorite Beatles song?

Chris says: “My favourite Beatles song is Blackbird. Or I Am The Walrus. Or Something.” #coldplaylive

@ThisIsJuly – @coldplay Hi Chris! What is your favorite dessert? #coldplaylive #myloxylototour

Chris says: “The Sahara. Oh, wait a minute…” #coldplaylive

@somesurprises – @coldplay Who is your favorite new artist right now in music? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “Rita Ora.” #coldplaylive

@Reeree_22 – #coldplaylive what is your favorite book?

Chris says: “Sherlock Holmes Stories. The Old Man In The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. And Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.” #coldplaylive

@Nydiabroomer – @coldplay hi chris, what do you like to do in your spare time? #coldplaylive

Chris says: “I like falconry, jousting and looking for suits of armour on eBay. And making up daft answers to questions.” #coldplaylive

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